Installing the Telency Softphone

The Telency softphone is the basic program that is included with all seats for Windows and Mac. It is provided “as is”, with more complex features available within CloudDesk Pro.

Your Telency Account

You should have received an email when your account was set up, asking you to create a password for your account. If it has not been supplied, please talk to your distributor and they should be able to set up your account or reset your password.

Installing the Softphone

Log in to your user account at

Navigate to the profile tab with the button in the top right.

Select your Mac or Windows version from the dropdown menu, and click “Download”, and install the downloaded program. You may need an administrator to install this onto your computer.


Using the Telency Softphone

Once installed, you will need to log into the application.

Please use the email address and password you used to log into the Services portal in the previous step. The application will need to restart to finish logging in.

Making a Call


Dial the number or extension into the box at the top of the screen and clicking the phone icon.

The Calling Interface  


Receiving a Call

When you receive a call to your DDI, a pop-up will appear in the bottom right of your screen, allowing you to pick up or reject the call. If you have a deskphone, both the deskphone and Telency app will ring at the same time.

Video Calling

Video calling can be done direct to numbers, but only those that are internal numbers, i.e. those that are extensions. This can be done by typing the extension in the search field and clicking the video icon, or by clicking the camera icon when receiving a call.