Extension User Guide

Web Portal access

You should have received an email from no-reply@telency.com (It may be in your Junk folder) with a link that will enable an account on the online portal: https://services.telency.com/osm/

Please contact your system administrator if you have not received an email

Once you have setup a password, you can configure your Extension via the following tabs:


Configure Extension behaviour via the Home tab by selecting the desired options and clicking ‘Save’.


Several features are configurable via the Settings tab, including the Extension User’s Voicemail greeting.

Alternative number

This feature allows anyone within the user’s corporation to contact the user’s alternative number by dialling *61xxx where xxx is the user’s 3 digit Extension number. This can either be set to another Extension or to an external number such as a mobile.

Twinned Mobile

If desired, enter the users mobile phone number and when calls are made to that extension number the twinned mobile will ring simultaneously. *mobile calls will be charged at standard rate or be taken from bundled minutes


Twinned Extension

If desired, enter the Extension number of another user’s phone which will ring at the same time.

Record My Calls

Select this option to enable Personal Call Recording for all calls. All recordings will be emailed in 20 minute segments to the Extension User on completion of the call.

Reject Anonymous Calls

Select this option to Reject any calls from users who have withheld their number.

Call Waiting

Select this option to enable call waiting on compatible handsets


Please click here for the Voicemail guide

Inbound Caller Blacklist

Type any number you no longer wish to receive calls from and hit save, from that moment onwards that caller will no longer be able to ring your extension.


The numbers tab is where the Handset and Personal Contacts are configured.

Personal Contacts

Personal Contacts can be added manually or uploaded by a comma separated .CSV file.
























Handset Configuration

  • Please remember to click the relevant Save button after making any configuration changes.
  • Any saved configuration changes made via this page must then be deployed to the handset.
  • Updating the configuration can be triggered via the phone’s menu system by pressing the Home key and selecting Settings > Basic > Update Configuration.
  • Alternatively, users can wait for the overnight deployment or trigger a deployment by restarting the phone

For Polycom handsets: press the Home key and select Settings > Basic > Restart Phone

Line Key Configuration

Line Key 1 must ALWAYS be set to the allocated Extension.

There are 3 settings for each key:


Other Extensions within a user’s organisation can be assigned to any line key. This can be used for a shared line or temporarily when another user is on holiday.

Speed Dial

Speed dials can be selected from the drop-down list which contains both personal and corporate contacts.


Busy Lamp Fields will indicate when an Extension within the same organisation is Busy or available. Pressing the BLF key will also dial the assigned Extension.

Automatic BLF Extension Allocation

Off – will allow the user to select which extensions are monitored and the order in which they are displayed on the handset.

On – In automatic mode, any key allocated to BLF will be automatically populated with an Extension number to monitor. It is recommended that this option is only used when the number of line keys available to a user is greater than or equal to the number of Extensions the user wishes to monitor as per the example below. The user’s BLF assignments will automatically grow as Extensions are added to the user’s organisation. More keys can be allocated to BLFs when the need arises.


This tab allows users to update their username / password and download the basic desktop softphone if enabled by an Administrator.


This tab allows users to view all possible star coded and their functionality